Why Garman?

Why Garman?

At Garman Homes, we believe building a new home for someone is an honor and a privilege.

It is our honor. It is our privilege. And our work is as personal as the people we build homes for. We work with meaning and drive with purpose. We seek connections great and small knowing every interaction is an opportunity with infinite potential.
We live by these principles each and every day, as written in our Manifesto. Read our full Manifesto here:
Our Manifesto

The Garman Difference

We started Garman Homes in 2007 with the idea that we could hire extraordinary people who want to connect with our buyers and elevate the homebuilding experience. It was ambitious then. It’s ambitious now. We wouldn’t have it any other way. The four Garman differences aren’t taglines. The differences are who we are and why we’re here.

Garman Difference #1: We Hire Rock Stars

We hire Rock Stars. From our employees to our trade partners to anyone and everyone in between, we prefer to work exclusively with people who have great attitudes. People who make the best of any circumstance—they find a way, they make you smile, they may even seem a little off but they have great energy. That’s a Rock Star. Life is too short to work with grumpy people.

Garman Difference #2: Guaranteed Closing Date

It's crazy and that's why we like it. We give you a guaranteed closing date at the time of contract. If we miss your guaranteed date, we give you $1,000 towards closing costs. It's not about the money and it's not about never missing one. It’s about the fact that everyone works harder when they have a deadline. You deserve a team that wants to work hard for you.

Garman Difference #3: The G-Team

Our collective group of warranty managers and trade partners who show up after you moveinto your new home. That’s right, we come back at 45 days and 11 months to check on your home and you. This elite team of professionals inspect their own work as well as address the issues you’ve discovered since you moved in. The only difference between old houses and new houses is that with old houses the previous owners usually tell you the quirks. With a new home, you get to discover them on your own. Never fear, the G-Team’s got you.

Garman Difference #4: Give Back

When you build a Garman Home, a portion of the sale goes towards local North Carolina causes and charities. Your home is a big deal, we think your purchase is an even bigger deal when it helps pay it forward for someone else. Whether we’re building Tiny Homes for those with mental illness, Blitz Homes with Habitat for Humanity of Durham, or donating $200,000 to Duke Children’s Hospital, giving back is how we practice our gratitude for getting to do what we love and for loving what we can do together.

Embrace The Unknown

We’ve built hundreds of new Garman Homes. The one constant amongst every new home experience and across all builders is a certain amount of unknown. Sometimes we discover things along that way that no one could anticipate, no matter how many homes you’ve built. Everything from a sudden change in building code to a discontinued cabinet color. We find that expecting a bit of the unknown makes for an easier transition later when whatever you weren’t expecting shows up in full force. If we all bring our good attitudes, it will make the unknowns a whole lot more bearable.