Inspired collections

Garman Homes designs floorplan collections like poets write love letters. That’s why our home collections are not named after their size, state capitals or dead presidents. We anguish, we dig deep, we design, redraw, build, edit and beam like proud parents when collections are finally complete. We’re hoping each collection of floorplans inspires you, connects with you and gives you the right space to live the life you’ve dreamt about. Maybe that’s cliche but we’re ok with that because it’s also true. It’s not just a house. It’s your new home and you deserve to live well there. Find a collection that helps you do that.


Live in a designer home, where the only choice you’ll make is which one fits you best. Fresh, new curated homes—joyfully attainable and artfully designed for you to be as colorful and vibrant as your life well lived. Explore packages and color palettes that reflect your hopes and pride in your new home. Our team of designers and trend watchers fill our curated home choices with the features and colors you crave— without the dread of making hundreds of design decisions. Welcome to a fresh new home buying experience.

Collection Roshambo


Meet the Roshambo Collection: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot....& Tiebreaker! Colorful and fresh home designs curated just for you. These homes feature 2-3 ...

Collection Favorite Things

Favorite Things

These are just a few of our favorite homes! The Garman Homes Favorite Things Collection is inspired by one of our most favorite childhood movies, the Sound ...

Collection Destination Cottages

Destination Cottages

The Destination Cottages are all about the excitement you feel upon arriving at your vacation home. What if you could feel that every day? Named after the ...

Collection Destination Paired Villas

Destination Paired Villas

The Destination Paired Villa homes are inspired by travel—specifically, the type of travel that helps you reconnect with your soul. Named after mountain and ...

Collection Playtime


The Playtime Collection homes will fill you with nostalgia of easier times and playground fun...when the only worry was when recess would end. Homes with ...

Collection Wildflower


Meet the Garman Homes Wildflower collection is reminiscent of those unexpected swaths of colorful wildflowers you come across when on walk or on your ...

Collection Happy, Bliss, Lucky

Happy, Bliss, Lucky

Happy, Bliss, LUCKY! Oh how lucky it feels to be home. We want all of these feelings to manifest in your life when living in this ...

Make it yours

Your home is an expression of your story, real events, and even your wishes. Together we’ll create and build a home for the best version of your life. Think more options, more opportunities to personalize and make your home your very own, including three wishes to use during the design process as you like. You’ll be able to design your home in a way that is uniquely yours, and we will help you get there. Bring your whole self, and your design ideas. 

Collection Quotables


The Quotables Collection. Named after the words of wisdom from those strong, iconic individuals who have touched our lives in one way or another. Home plans ...


Collection Playlist


Playlist $5,000 presale, use as you choose!

Ever notice how your favorite song can change your mood instantly? You hear the ...


Collection Southern


Incentives Available! Southern $10,000 presale, use as you choose!

For a group of mostly transplants and a few natives, ...

Collection Hero Townhomes

Hero Townhomes

Collection Intentions Paired Villas

Intentions Paired Villas

New main floor living duplex homes hug quiet cul de sacs. Every home includes yard maintenance – freeing up more time to relax on your generous screened back ...

Collection Intentions Single

Intentions Single

New main floor living single-family homes hug quiet cul de sacs. Every home includes yard maintenance – freeing up more time to relax on your generous screened ...

Collection Destination Singles

Destination Singles

Two thoughtfully designed single-family floor plans to make home feel like a destination. Primary Suite on the first floor and additional bedroom upstairs. ...

Collection Cinema


The Cinema Collection home plans are named for those iconic movie quotes that somehow make their way into easy conversation. It's that unspoken nod of ...

Collection Friends


Say hi to our Friends Collection! It started with us thinking about what makes a great friend group we've all seen them on TV but who are the ...

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