New Girl Goes By 'Ginge'

A month or so ago I got a call from Janice – our kick-ass, Vanilla Ice rapping, stiletto wearing, Hollywood gossiping, fashionista who, along with her partner, Krista, has broken every sales record we’ve ever had in Briar Chapel and pretty much any record we’ve ever had ever.

Janice wasn’t calling to talk about her sales or who killed it on the latest red carpet (which was kind of a bummer because if you ever want to talk red carpets, you want to talk to Janice.)  Janice was calling to talk about her career – about how she wanted to make sure she was growing, learning, and finding new ways to engage and enrich her experience working at Garman Homes.

If anyone ever doubts that Rock Stars Wanted is a real Garman Difference, I refer you to the sentence preceding this one.  A Rock Star talks about their next challenge, their next adventure, their next opportunity to grow.  Janice is a true Rock Star.

At the end of the conversation we concluded that Janice should build a house.  And just to make it interesting…we decided Janice would build our next Model Home.  I mean, go big or go build a home.  I’m pretty sure that’s how the saying goes.  We also decided I would sit shotgun and document her adventure here – I’m not about to miss this.   All under the watchful eye of Kevin, our construction manager in Briar Chapel, who is pretty much a construction ninja.  The man can build 3 houses in the time it takes other builders to finish one.  He will probably build 12 or so while Janice and I tag team this one single model.  We’re going to try very hard not to kill him or his patience.  There is so much beer in his future.

So last week we all got together so we could get ready to get ready to build.  Kevin took Janice through all the first steps of starting a house –  by the end of our first Build Like a Ginge sesh we hit more than a few milestones:

  1.  We called in for an account number with Duke Power and were somehow magically transferred back in time to Aunt Bea from Mayberry.  She couldn’t really help us so we hung up and went for Round 2.
  2.  We called back and stayed in the present time-space continuum and made a new friend named Daeqwan who gave us his direct line for the future because Ginge got it like that.
  3.   Janice asked Kevin if he sweats this much when he has to call for power.
  4.   That made them both laugh so hard that Kevin started making this hysterical wheezy sound that made us laugh harder.
  5.   We dubbed Janice the Lead Ginge In Charge – #LGIC and then further dubbed her #2LGICtoquit  #heyheyyyy
  6.   Janice shared her plans for footwear on the job site which will include a customized pair of red bottom #fauxboutins

Clearly so much to look forward to…did I mention we entered this model in the Parade of Homes this fall?  Which means we have a deadline for the Queen and her team to come in and merchandise. {yikes}  And we already made structural changes that will require us to re-permit.

Just trying to keep the #LGIC on her #fauxboutin toes.  Stay tuned for more.  This is Build Like a Ginge, y’all.

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