Best of 2020: #8 and #7

January 2, 2021

Best of 2020: #8 and #7

Let’s keep it going! We’re counting our top 10 favorites from 2020. Without further’s #8 and #7

#8 - Builder of the Year!

We were excited and honored to be named the 2020 Builder of the Year by the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County! This award reiterates our belief that we have the best team, trade partners, and homebuyers out there. Without all of you, we couldn’t make dreams into reality. Not only do we have the privilege of building dream homes, but we also find joy in giving back to local causes and charities. Giving back is how we practice our gratitude for getting to do what we love and for loving what we can do together.

#7 - Introducing....Nonfiction!

This year we introduced a new brand name - Nonfiction by Garman Homes. Nonfiction by Garman Homes joined Fresh Paint by Garman Homes to offer two homebuilding experiences.
Nonfiction by Garman Homes believes your home should tell your story. More options, more opportunities to personalize and make your home a reflection of you, including three wishes to use during the design process as you like. Uniquely yours.
Fresh Paint by Garman Homes offers fresh, new curated homes. Pick the perfect one for you!
Why two brands? Because some people can’t wait to pick out every feature, color, and finish inside their new home. And other people think that sounds like a lot of work. Either way, we got you!

What Our
Homebuyers are

The folks at Garman make the whole process so easy from start to finish! They are so accommodating that they will take you to see the same house 50 times without a blink of an eye! Could not have asked for a nicer group of people to work with on such an important decision!!

Cynthia Moody

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