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How does it all work?  One day you walk into a model home and the next day you decide to buy?  The answer is yes, no and maybe. When you decide to buy a Garman Home, a couple things happen.  First, we get so happy and hopefully so do you! Next, this page lays out some of the major milestones so you have an idea of how it all works.  Last, we try to give you some tips and perspective to improve your experience. See What to Expect to get some insight on valuable hindsight earned over nearly 1,000 homes.

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You may not have your own show on HGTV but trust your own sense of style. You will be able to design a home that is uniquely yours and we will help you get there. Curious about Studio g? You can take a virtual tour click here!


A Home Built Just For You - Floorplan, Homesite and Structurals, OH MY!

Once you find the one and you’re ready to go under contract, what does that mean and what do you need to prepare? We need to know the floorplan, elevation, homesite and all of your structural options. Depending on the rules of the community and which plans fit on which lots, the floorplan and elevation you choose may dictate which homesites are available to you. If the homesite is most important, start with which floorplans are available to build on that homesite. Structural options must be chosen at time of contract because they dictate how we order the plans for your new home. Read that last sentence one more time because it makes everyone sad when the home gets framed and you really wish you sprang for the screen porch. Structural options get locked in and once that window closes, it doesn’t reopen. At time of the contract, you will also need to pay us a deposit on the initial purchase price of your new home. This deposit is credited to you at closing.
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Visiting Studio G

Does the idea of picking every feature and finish in your new home fill you with joy or dread? It’s ok, we acknowledge all the feelings! Your new home purchase includes two appointments at Studio g each lasting about two hours. Studio hours are during the day so they require time off work – we won’t tell if you call in ‘sick’. You will get a welcome email that includes some homework to complete before you visit the Studio. We highly suggest doing your homework– there will be rewards for good behavior! After you complete your selections, you will make it official by signing off! This is a huge milestone, in fact, we can’t start your new home until you complete this step. This is how you do your part to help us reach the Guaranteed Closing Date. Give yourself a pat on the back. You may not have your own show on HGTV, but rest assured, we won’t let anyone build an ugly house.
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Construction Meetings: Pre-Con, Pre-Drywall, New Home Orientation

Construction officially kicks off with your Pre-Construction meeting (cool kids call it Pre-Con). We try to schedule this meeting right before we expect to receive your permit. At this meeting, your construction manager will review your completed plans and selection sheets to triple check we’re building the home you’ve chosen. You’ll also review how your new home will be placed on your homesite. At Pre-Drywall you’ll focus on what’s behind the walls, specifically, electrical, phone and cable. We want to make sure what you’ve chosen in your selection sheet has shown up in your home. It’s hard to get that stuff in the walls after they go up. The finish line is in sight by your New Home Orientation. This is a meeting to understand how to operate and maintain your new home. This is also a meeting to address any cosmetic concerns including paint touch-ups.
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The G - Team – Once you’ve closed we don’t disappear

At 45 days and 11 months after you close, we come back to check on a few key items as well as address any questions you have about how to operate and maintain your new home. This is a big transition point for you and for us – from homebuilder to homeowner. We do our best to be a trusted partner and advisor as we determine what’s expected, what’s not and what’s a problem we need to address together. We never forget to bring our good attitude and we hope you do the same!
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What Our
Homebuyers are

I represent a lot of buyers in New Construction transactions and worked with a lot of builders. My very favorite that I recommend to everyone is Garman Homes. They truly set them self a side by building an affordable high quality home and their creative team add finishes and options that you can only dream of. Garman Homes invest in their team making sure they know their product and know the process. Not like most builders that just have sales staff. The Garman team care about their clients and that makes it so much easier for everyone involved when they know their product and let everyone know what to expect. I only have great things to say and one day I will be a Garman home Homeowner!

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