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Meet The Team

Hiring Rockstars is serious business. We’re looking for unicorns here! People who wake up every day to be better.  People who want others to feel good about their home building experience, their home and ultimately, their lives.  Rockstars are special. We’re so proud we’ve been able to find the most capable, hard-working, dedicated team of true professionals. Have you heard the saying, it’s business it’s not personal?  For us, our work is what we love to do and when you love what you do your business is very personal. Building your home is an honor and getting to build alongside this team is what we love to do. Yes, it’s personal. We’re ok with that.

Jim Garman

Jim Garman, Founder & CFO 

Family: Wife Alaina, Daughter Ellie & Son Sam 

Hobbies: Turning massive amounts of data into pivot tables

Hidden Talents: See Hobbies

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Rock Stars Wanted. This is why we started Garman Homes. We love to work with great people who care deeply about creating a joyful homebuilding experience. Rock Stars know they can make it happen, bend reality, do what others thought was impossible. Even change the world.

Alaina Money Garman

Alaina Money Garman, Founder & CEO

Family: Husband Jim, Daughters Amelia, Francesca & Stella 

Pets: Tiny misbehaving Yorkie Ciamba 

Hobbies: Cooking, Traveling, Reading & Hiring Breakdancers for Parties. 

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Give it Back. The Miracle Home - because it's my favorite example of what we do best...we find a cause that we love and we build a home full of joy and surprise that also gives back BIG to families facing their toughest challenge. That's how a homebuilding company gets the chance to change the world.

Rebecca McAdoo

Rebecca McAdoo, Regional President

Family: Husband Jay, Sons Hudson and Weston, Daughter Ava

HobbiesLove being outdoors, traveling - experiencing new places and cultures and meeting new people, great books, prosecco, and all things kiddos.

Hidden TalentsPiano and bargain shopping!

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Give It Back. Having the ability to impact people on such a positive platform is such a beautiful gift.

Stacy Brown

Stacy Brown, Division President- Raleigh

Family: Wife- Riley, Daughter- Taylor

Pets: Zoe- Morkie: 1/2 Yorkie, 1/2 Maltese

Hobbies: hiking and traveling to experience different places, people and cultures

Hidden Talent:  Piano, but need to get back to it... it's been a while

Favorite Garman Difference: It's a tie between Give It Back and We Hire Rockstars.  Giving back to the community and making a difference in this word is truly a blessing that feeds my soul.  Hiring Rockstars who love what they do, and bring their entire selves to work everyday, make all the difference to our buyers, vendors, and to the Garman Team as a whole.

Cosmo Muti

Cosmo Muti, Triad Market Leader

Family: Wife - Jenna, Daughters - Zoe, Parker, Violet, and Leighton

Pets: English Bulldog - Gypsy

Hobbies: Rebuilding anything with a motor

Favorite Garman Difference: We Hire Rockstars - Because not everyone is up for changing the world, but those bold enough get the opportunity to try.

Jake Kaplan

Jake Kaplan, VP of Finance

Family: Wife Kensi, Three Inherited Kids - Jorge, Nicole & Sophia, Daughter Kylie.

Pets: Sharpei/Pit Mix - Tungsten

Hobbies: Early morning workouts, small projects around the house, playing with the kids & the occasional movie.

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: It's a close tie between Give It Back & Guaranteed Close Date. I love the difference that we make by Giving Back. All of our charitable efforts can actually be seen year after year, it's extremely gratifying. Guaranteed Closing Date is pretty baller too - when you're making the biggest purchase of your life it's nice that we show our clients the respect that date deserves. No one likes to be disappointed, especially on one of the happiest days of their life.

Brian Walker

Brian Walker, Vice President of Sales

Family: Partner- Josh

Pets: 2 Olde English Bulldogs- Louie and Ava

Hobbies: Gardening, Traveling, Good Food

Favorite Garman Difference: Give it Back

Anna Wilson

Anna Wilson, Director of Marketing

Family: A wonderful immediate and extended family who mostly all still reside in Raleigh and our newest addition, my darling niece, Adda

Hobbies: Traveling and exploring new places, hiking, gardening, cooking and trying out new recipes, vintage interiors shopping

Hidden TalentsMaster lawn mower and bargain shopper

Favorite Garman Difference & Why:  Rock Stars Wanted.  Because without the great people that make up Garman Homes, none of our other Garman Differences would be possible.

Stacey Bell

Stacey Bell, Assistant Controller

Family: Husband - Matthew, Son - Hudson & Daughter - Emerson

Pets: The neediest cats ever - Thumper & Bambi

Hobbies: being outside, finding a good brewery & enjoying time with my family and friends

Favorite Garman Difference: We Hire Rock Stars - To love what you do you have to love who you work with!

Brandon DeLong

Brandon DeLong, Purchasing Manager

Family: Wife -  Allison, Daughter - Taylor

Pets: Parker (Golden Retriever)

Hobbies: Fishing, working out & golfing

Favorite Garman Difference and Why?: Rockstars Wanted - To be your best, you need to surround yourself with the best

Travis Herbert

Travis Herbert, Product Manager

Family: Wife - Stacy, Daughters - Amelia and Sophia, Son - Jack

Pets: 100lb lab Luke!

Hobbies: Kids sports, Snowboarding, Golf, and Grillmaster

Hidden Talents: Woodworking

Favorite Garman Difference: Give it back- speaks to the culture and community that this company and employees are dedicated to

Emily Bosman

Emily Bosman, Product Manager

Family: Husband - Brian, Son - Quinn

Pets: Two crazy cats, Burberry who is the Princess of the family and Arthur. Two black lab mixes, Poppy (1) and Mac (10) so it is never a dull moment

Hobbies: Working out and Peloton #BOOCREW IYKYK. Painting, Sketching, a good cup of hot tea, and trying out playground with Quinn!

Favorite Garman Difference: "We Hire Rockstars" - I am a firm believer that you have to love where you work and the people around you. I am a huge family person and I love that Garman supports me in my work AND personal life goals!

Ross Stallworthy

Ross Stallworthy, Product Manager

Family: Wife -Shelton. Son - William. Daughter - Rosie 

Pets: Border Collie lab mix - Tacoma + random collection of farm animals

Hobbies: football (soccer), hiking and spending as much time outdoors with the family as possible!

Favorite Garman Difference and Why?: Give It Back - It is such a blessing to be able to help those that need it the most

Lindsey Guess

Lindsey Guess, Permitting & Starts Coordinator

Family: Tyler (partner) Daughter- Morgan, Son- Zack

Pets: 5 dogs (I know, I know...RESCUE DOGS ROCK!) 2 kitties, 2 birds & a partridge in a pear tree.

Hobbies: rearranging/organizing my house weekly (OCD) Good Willing (Hey, ya never know what you'll find!) & refinishing furniture :)

Hidden Talents: Persuasion

Favorite Garman Difference and Why?: We Hire Rock Stars:  I truly love that our teammates are so much more than coworkers and love how everyone supports one another, like I've never seen before.  And of course, Give It Back:  The Tiny Homes project we are working on is going to make such an amazing difference in so many peoples' lives and I am honored to be a part of it all.

Michelle Huffman

Michelle Huffman, Residential Designer 

Family: Husband Ross, Son Walker & Daughter Olivia

Hobbies: Trying new recipes, reading, daydreaming about my next vacation.

Hidden Talents: I can sew nearly anything. I used to design and create clothing, window treatments & bedding. 

Favorite Garman Floorplan: They all are special to me but I'm probably most excited to see the Watchtower come together.

Allie Bryce

Allie Bryce, Residential Design Assistant

Family: Husband Colton, Daughter Madelyn and Son Logan

Pets: Puma - Black Lab

Hobbies: Hammock naps, front porch hangs with our neighbors and organizing all the things

Hidden Talents: I can throw a softball 250'

Favorite Garman Difference and Why?: Rockstars Wanted. Having a positive and driven team creates an incredible work culture

Favorite Fresh Paint Package and Why?: Madelyn - my daughter and I love to drive through neighborhoods and find the homes with her "name" paint package

Tonya Kuvshinikov

Tonya Kuvshinikov, Design Assistant

Pets: Two furry kids- Baxter & Zoey (the canine loves of my life!)

Hobbies: Giggling, hiking in the mountains, horseback riding, floral arranging, watching new TV shows, listening to Neil Degrasse Tyson podcasts, pondering the meaning of life.  In that order

Hidden Talents: I can quote movies like it's a second language

Favorite Garman Home Plan: The Comfort. That kitchen! That island! And all that natural light! Need I say more?

Julie Primanti

Julie Primanti, Design Studio Manager

Family: Husband Marc

Pets: Pug Coming Soon! 

Hobbies: Spending time with family & friends, running, and being outdoors.

Hidden Talents: Flute

Favorite Garman Difference and Why? Give It Back. It's awesome that a portion of each sale goes into a local charity. I think this speaks volumes about the type of company Garman Homes is.

Amanda Eure

Amanda Eure, Studio-G Consultant

Family: Husband - Cole

Pets: Cockapoo- Bonnie

Hobbies: I love going to football games and concerts as well as thrifting on the weekends!

Hidden Talents: I can sing the alphabet backwards

Favorite Garman Difference and Why?: Rockstars Wanted and Give It Back are my favorite Garman Differences because it speaks to the character of the company as well as the people that work here!

Jennifer Hockmuth

Jennifer Hockmuth, Closing Coordinator

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Guaranteed Close Date - I love that we are able to help buyers plan for closing by committing to the closing date at contract, so they can plan for their move without worrying about the date changing.

Brittain Perry

Brittain Perry, Sales Ambassador

Family: Twin girls - Minlea & Lylea 

Pets: Chocolate lab - Remi

Hobbies: Shopping, Family time, I love being at the beach! and anything to do with trucks!

Favorite Garman Floorplan & Why: B&O -love the options with the first floor master, rooms are HUGE, and closets are amazing! Ready to build one!

Danica Kuplin

Danica Kuplin, Sales Ambassador

Family: Husband Chris, Son Emery and Daughter Farrah (aka baby cakes, sassy pants, the beauty queen) and Son Ezra

Pets: Cha Cha, the pound puppy.

Hobbies: Running, Outdoorsy type things with my family, Baking, Reading - anything that has to do with a holiday, is that a hobby?

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Rockstars Wanted. I love our culture and family!

Derek Coffey

Derek Coffey, Sales Ambassador

Family: Wife - Jessica, Daughters Alexis & Reese

Pets: Lab/Boxer mix, Kona - she's so sweet she'll make your teeth ache.

Hobbies: Finding great wines, watching my wife make a fantastic cappuccino, cooking Italian and Mediterranean food, traveling to warm weather destinations, reading nonfiction, working out to offset previously stated indulgences and playing erratic golf. I also enjoy reading philosophy as it helps me cope with my golf game.

Hidden Talents: I've been accused of being superman.

Favorite Garman Difference: Rockstars wanted. Working in synergy with like minded rockstars creates an unsurpassed client experience and a one of a kind company culture. It also helps with my superman dilemma being surrounded by other superheroes.

Diane Masinick

Diane Masinick, Sales Ambassador

Family: Husband Luke, Daughter Allison, Daughter Samantha, Son Nicholas, & Daughter Annalise

Pets: Yorkie named Baxter & Bouvier named Grizzly

Hobbies: Drinking wine with my friends, reading, & any other relaxing type of activity

Favorite Garman Difference and Why?: Guaranteed Closing Date because there are usually extra costs for buyers when you have to push out a closing date, so this helps out a lot!

Karla Hamilton

Karla Hamilton, Sales Ambassador

Family: Son - Xander

Pets: Cash and Lincoln

Hidden Talents: Interior decorating and bargain shopping

Hobbies: Shopping, All things Baseball (for Xander)

Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson, Area Construction Manager

Family: Wife Jessica, Sons Ryder and Luke

Hobbies: Reading, spending time with family & anything outdoors.

Hidden Talents: Summited Everest twice - second time hiked it backward! I can also wiggle my ears. 

Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith, Area Construction Manager

Family: Wife, Emily and Daughter, Sutton

Pets: Labsky named Lady

Hobbies: Live music, traveling/vacations, being outside

Hidden Talents: An encyclopedia of worthless sports and movie knowledge

Favorite Garman Home Plan: Everything's All Right - I have one!

Chris Tickle

Chris Tickle, Lead Construction Manager & Division SWPPP Manager

Pets: Hailey

Hobbies: Hunting, riding my bike and anything sports related.

Hidden Talents: They are hidden for a reason!

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Give It Back. Operation: Coming Home - Coming from a military family, I am very proud to be apart of a company that has dedicated its time and resources to such a worthy cause.

Kevin Kube

Kevin Kube,  Lead Construction Manager & Division Safety Manager

Family: Wife Debbi, Son Kenny and Daughter Kara 

Pets: Koko & Keke

Hobbies: Toes in the sand.

Favorite Garman Difference & Why: Rockstars Wanted. Having the right people makes the true difference

Beth Stephenson

Beth Stephenson, Construction Manager

Family: Husband - Blake

Pets: Two black labs- Slick and Sly and a weiner dog named BB

Hobbies: sports of any kind, traveling, fishing, hunting and of course the beach as much as possible

Hidden Talents: I am left-handed?? 

Favorite Garman Home Plan: The Southern Comfort! Nice floor plan and design elements

Bryce Day

Bryce Day, Construction Manager

Pets: 3yr old German Shorthaired Pointer- Olivia 

Hobbies: Biking, Hiking, Fishing

Favorite Garman Difference: "Rockstars Wanted" I am very excited to be apart with such a motivated team with positive attitudes day in and day out.

Claire Casey

Claire Casey, Construction Manager

Family Members: Fiancé - Erik

Pets: Maverick, who is a 2.5 year old cockapoo.

Hobbies: I love to swim, play golf with my dad, pottery, work out, and home renovation projects (though every time we start one, I say “NEVER AGAIN.”) Here we are.. yet again!

Hidden Talents: I teach babies how to swim! 

Favorite Garman Difference: Rockstars 1000000%. The people you choose to surround yourself with in life is so important. Getting to go to work every day with people who love what they do just as much as you do, is truly a gift!

Colton Wilburn

Colton Wilburn, Construction Manager

Family: Wife, Amanda

Pets: Zeus the Great Dane and 20 chickens 

Hobbies: Endurance style sports, Hunting and Saltwater Fishing, anything outdoors. 

Favorite Garman Difference: We Hire Rock Stars: from my very first day here, it’s apparent that the”Rock Stars” are an amazing team to be a part of.

Bradly Chapman

Bradly Chapman, Construction Manager

Family: Wife- Heather

Pets: Cash- Yellow Lab, 3 years old and June- Brown Lab/ GSP Mix- 8 weeks old

Hobbies: Golf, Fishing, Hunting- anything outdoors

Favorite Garman Difference: Rockstars. It shows that we put a lot of investment into our employees, which translates into quality homes and satisfied customers.

Brant Dennis

Brant Dennis, Construction Manager

Family: Wife- Amber, 2 children- Paisley and Bryson

Pets: Cruze- Cat

Hobbies:  Hanging out at the lake, boating, skiing, etc., spending time with my wife and kids

Hidden Talent:  Can dance like Michael Jackson

Favorite Garman Difference: Rockstars. It shows that we put a lot of investment into our employees, which translates into quality homes and satisfied customers.

Richard Keebler

Richard Keebler, Warranty Manager

Family: Daughter Evie.

Hobbies: Racquetball, Cooking & Nerdy Things.

Hidden Talents: I am extremely fast in the short distance! 

Favorite Garman Difference: Give It Back.

Wayne Oglesby

Wayne Oglesby, Warranty Manager

Family: Wendy (wife), Daughters Margot, Anna, Brigitte, and Rachel and Son Nick 

Pets: Mountain Fiest-Bandit

Hobbies: Hunting, Target Shooting, Competitive Archery

Hidden Talents: Wood Worker

Favorite Garman Difference and Why?: Give it Back-Commitment to contributing to our local communities

Tim Hinton

Tim Hinton, Assistant Construction Manager

Family: Wife of 23 years!

Pets: 2 Whippets - Martini & Rossi

Hobbies: Gardening and Long Distance Running

Favorite Garman Difference: Rockstars. Everyone cares. Not the usual empty corporate version of caring, but a true, sincere commitment to being the best.

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson, Assistant Construction Manager

Family: Girlfriend- Lizzie

Pets: My plants

Hobbies: Golf, fishing, and baseball

Hidden Talent:  Cooking

Favorite Garman Difference: The G Team

What Our
Homebuyers are

Where do I even begin? I fell head over heels in love with Garman homes over a year and a half ago, and I told my husband we would one day own/build a Garman home. I was sure of it. So when they revealed they would be building in Knightdale Station (where our family wanted to be), you can only imagine our excitement. Their whole vision for their homes is on point. The quality of their homes is unmatched. And I love how transparent and authentic they are as a company. Every single person who works for Garman/Fresh Paint is so easy to work with and super personable. Their team genuinely cares about you and your home. They are cultivating true community right from the start. Danica specifically has been absolutely incredible. She makes the whole process lots of fun and totally seamless. Our home closes in June, and it still feels surreal that we get to own and live in our dream home. Someone pinch me. We are so pumped to raise our growing family here, and to top it off, we have friends building only a few houses down. I'm convinced Garman is the way to go if you are looking for a home that is going to be more than just a house -- but a place to rest, connect, and gather with family and friends. As I always say, I'm a Garman girl through and through!

Elizabeth Sirven

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