Building a home for someone is an honor and a privilege.

It is our honor. It is our privilege. And our work is as personal as the people we build homes for.

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We believe a homebuilding Company can Change the World.

Our homes are joyfully built by human hands. Collaboration is our greatest strength and humility is our greatest teacher. With open hearts and open minds we relentlessly pursue ways to improve our craft.

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We work with meaning and drive with purpose. We seek connections great and small knowing every interaction is an opportunity with infinite potential.

  • To show respect and receive it in return

  • To be kind

  • To inspire and be inspired

  • To create and motivate

  • To be held accountable

  • To appreciate

  • To learn

  • To grow

  • To care

  • To be seen and heard as our whole perfectly imperfect selves

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    We don’t tolerate meanness, gossip, dishonesty, or disloyalty. Nor do we indulge the entitled or engage with small hearts and small minds. And we will never make space for hate. We insist instead on offering the benefit of the doubt.

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    Every one of us shines our lights brightly and without apology. And we encourage others to do the same. Truth tellers and truth seekers. Big dreamers and even bigger doers. Change makers and status-quo challengers. We are each other’s keepers. Mistakes are not just expected, they are inevitable. The quality of our experience with each other, our buyers, developers, trade partners and cooperating brokers is not in the presence or absence of mistakes, but what we each bring in response.

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    We protect and pursue profitability. Celebrate and prioritize diversity. And we combat any traces of entitlement with a deep and abiding practice of genuine gratitude. Our past, present and future success is made sweeter by our ability to give back generously.

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    We believe a home is a sacred space. It is not the finish nor the features that matter, but rather the quality of life lived inside those walls and the courage it takes to live that life.

What Our
Homebuyers are

My experience with Garman homes has been absolutely fantastic! I can't say that about some of the other builders I work with but the team at Garman is unbelievable. The difference is that they treat the buyers like family and they treat the new home as if it were their own. They have an amazing process which makes buyers feel very engaged and excited. No one is ever left wondering what is happening with the construction of their new home. They even have an on-time guarantee! If the home isn't completed when promised, they will contribute towards closing costs. Although I seriously doubt this has ever been necessary. Their seamless process gets it done!

Lindy Mauney

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