What Not Giving Up Looks Like

This is Robert.  He's one of our builders.  He builds homes with us regularly in Knightdale Station and occasionally on special assignment at Wendell Falls. This picture was taken the moment he finished the model home behind him.  But wait there's more...this house isn't just a model, it's also a Parade Home. Model Home + Parade Entry = HIGH STAKES.  Cue the ominous 'dun dun dunnnnnnn.'  No pressure, right? 

This picture of Robert was taken the moment he finished the home - one of TWO Parade Model Homes. This is also the same moment the judges drove into the community to judge our entries.  Real time delivery here, people.  

For those that may not speak builder, the Parade of Homes is essentially a beauty pageant where builders enter homes to be judged against other homes across a similar price range.  The Parade of Homes is sponsored by our local Home Builders Association and one thing you should know about builders is...we like to show off during Parade.  Like, a lot.  Parade Homes (not to mention model homes)  are so extra and this one was no exception.

I love this picture for too many reasons to count but I'm going to try to narrow it down to a Top 3 because this ...THIS POSE, THIS MOMENT, is about JOY and COMMITMENT and HARD WORK and what it means to JUST KEEP GOING. This is a Rock Stars Wanted moment.

3.   You don't need to be an expert to do something extraordinary.  

Robert hasn't been a builder his whole life.  Robert has only been building with us for about a year and prior to that he had a long successful career in education and administration.  Yet, when tasked with bringing these models to the finish line - these high profile, behind schedule,  ridiculously complicated Model and Parade Home Hybrids - he summoned the courage to say YES.  He didn't have years of experience to call upon.  But he still said yes.  He had faith in himself, the team around him and our trade partners. Experts might have said no way - the odds were too bleak.  Sometimes not knowing it all is a superpower because there literally is no coasting, there is only hustle.  This picture was made possible by a healthy dose of daily hustle. 

2.  Hustle doesn't quit - even when bad stuff happens.  

There are a host of normal and expected bumps along the way that happen during construction.  Natural disasters aren't one of them but hurricanes don't ask permission - they just happen.  Talk about things happening out of your control?  We all have choices when something unexpected and unwelcome happens...we can decide it's a lost cause or we can decide to not give up.  Guess which decision Robert made?  

1.  Not giving up pays off.  


Look at these gorgeous people!  They never gave up and they didn't just get an award, they earned the top spot!  Our design team, Raquel and Kristen, worked through the night to get the house staged in time.  Our entire team showed up to help.  And look what happened?  A moment like this.  

Here's to not giving up.  Here's to ignoring the doubting voices in our heads.  Here's to overcoming every obstacle.  Here's to each other.  And here's to a moment like THIS.  

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