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Rock Stars - Celebrate the Season

December 13, 2018

Rock Stars - Celebrate the Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Indeed, the time of year when you don't so much read those words in the previous sentence but sing them like you're Andy Williams backed by a full orchestra!  Or is that just me?   

But is it, really?   Is it the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year or is it also - depending on where you are in your life right now - the most overwhelming, the busiest, the craziest, the most nostalgic or even the saddest time of year?  Wherever you fall on the holiday feelings spectrum, we're guessing you're feeling some kind of way about this time of year.  We are feeling all kinds of ways for sure.

And in the spirit of saving us all from another perfect gift guide or top ten best of everything list, we thought we'd share a little bit about how each of us Celebrates the Season.  From our traditions, to new things we've tried out, to our favorite foods, and some of our funniest memories ... it's the small stuff and some of the big stuff...we're focusing on the things that center us every holiday season.  The things we look forward to no matter how we're also feeling.  

Today we're starting with Cameron Medlin - Cameron's face is the one you see when you land on our new website!  She's also in charge of sales at Abbey Run in Apex. Cameron sent me this note and I can't think of a better way to kick off this series. 

This is how Cameron Celebrates the Season:

When I was growing up I ALWAYS made a big deal about Christmas and decorating with my parents. I'd go with them to pick out the tree, hang the lights with my Dad and do the ornaments and other details with my Mom. I LOVED it. One thing my Mom did every year was go and find special ornaments that she thought represented myself, my brother, my dad and even herself. I always looked forward to seeing those new ornaments every year and even going to their house now, it fills me up to see them and remember what each represented at that phase of our lives. 

I have always cherished this tradition so when my husband, Daniel, and I got married, we started doing it for each other every year. I'd buy him an ornament that I felt suited him and he'd do the same. We'd fill the rest of the tree with standard colored balls so these would really stand out. Daniel and I welcomed our Son, Wyatt, nearly 2 years ago on Christmas Eve and have ever since bought him a special ornament as well. This year he old enough to really enjoy it and got very excited about his ornament, Chase from Paw Patrol. He will even go to the tree and ask for it "Chase, Chase, Mine" he'll say and hold it and attempt to put it back. Clearly we can't have his ornaments within reaching distance or else they would no longer be ornaments an become toys or dog chew toys ;). Being able to continue this tradition with him now has been so incredibly special. I look forward to finding more ornaments in the years to come so one day when we look back, like I do now, we can cherish every year that lead up to it. 

As homebuilders, one of the best parts of our job is getting to see people live the life they've imagined. We hope this series lets you get to know our team a little better and also reminds you of some of your favorite traditions.  Maybe even inspires you to adopt a few new ones?  More than anything we hope wherever you live - in one of our homes or not - you wake up everyday to live the life you've imagined.  

You can follow our Celebrate the Season series here or on your nearest favorite social media channel - Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  We'll be sharing all our stories with the hashtag #CelebratetheSeason.  And please feel free to jump in with your own thoughts on Celebrating the Season so it can truly feel like the most wonderful time of the year. 

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