Rising Stars and Where They're Off to Next

We're beyond proud to share that not one but TWO Garman Homes Rock Stars, Cameron Medlin and Jake Kaplan were recently awarded scholarships from the National Association of Home Builders to attend the 2020 International Builders Show in Las Vegas!  We're not talking just show passes, we're talking full ride scholarships including hotel and airfare!  I feel like we got a little taste of what parents of Division 1 athletes must feel like.  Proud is just the start of a whole spectrum of emotion.

In celebration of this tremendous accomplishment, I asked Cameron and Jake to share a little bit about what this award means to them, what they hope to learn at the International Builders Show and one non-Builder Show thing they want to do while in Vegas...you know, because it's Vegas.

Cameron & Jake were among just 22 people selected out of over 120 applicants from across the country! Just 22 nationwide and TWO of those distinguished 22 are our very own!  Before you read what it means to them, I can tell you what this award means to Jim & me as owners and to Rebecca, our Division President.   It proves what we've always known: the very best people work at Garman.  These two are exceptional representatives of what it means to wake up everyday and want to raise the bar.    

Well done, Rock Stars.  We can't wait to see you shine bright in Vegas. 


Cameron Medlin, Sales Manager, Fresh Paint & Garman Homes

Homes and the Building Industry as a whole have been apart of my life since I was a little girl. My Family and I would ride around and look at Open Houses, just for fun, on Sunday afternoons and I just couldn't get enough. My Dad sold new homes when he was just out of College, as a GC my dad even built a few homes and sold Building Materials for over 25 years. My Mom has had her Real Estate License for many years as well and I got my first internship in the Industry at her Real Estate Firm back when I was in High School. Needless to say, I LOVE this industry - it's in my blood. 

When it comes to the International Builders Show, I've heard about it for a few years now and always hoped that some day I would be apart of it. Any opportunity, to meet new people who have a passion for this industry, the way that I do - learn new things - and hear from some of the best and brightest - I am IN. I hope to some day be one of those influential people that I'll have the opportunity to watch on stage this year. I am ultimately so ready to just take it all in. 

I've never been to Vegas so that is an added bonus! While there, I hope to have the opportunity to experience the Vegas Casinos (because, why not) and also go see a live show of some sort - I love music, musicals, etc. so I'd be open to really seeing anything along those lines while there.

Jake Kaplan, Controller, Fresh Paint & Garman Homes

I am honored to win the Builder Show Scholarship! It is a huge compliment to be chosen out of 120+ applicants for this exceptional learning opportunity. The application and video submission was intimidating but I found that if I just bit the bullet and started to record that my true passion for the industry would shine through. It goes to show that you just need to plow through any mental hurdles that stand in your way. 

I am really excited to meet some of the top talents in the industry and mingle with professionals of my own age range that are rising home-building leaders. It's exciting to learn from others and truly be inspired by their accomplishments. I am also looking forward to checking out the humungous showroom floor with all the latest designs and tech offerings. The icing on the cake is going to be there to support our owner and CEO, Alaina Money Garman, do her thing up on the stage and watch her hold the audience in the palm of her hand while she delivers a passionate, smart and overall joyful performance to thousands of homebuilders across the country. I say performance and not a presentation for a reason - there's no glazed over stares when she speaks. She is awe-inspiring and captivating and I am so proud to call her my friend and mentor.  [**I’m blushing here  and hoping Jake's not too disappointed when it's more like less than 100 people and a few of them definitely glaze over**]

This builder's show is in Vegas - which means there's going to be some opportunities for shenanigans! Nothing too crazy for me - I am honestly just looking forward to people watching, doing a little bit of gambling and connecting with some cool people! I have four kids at home, so this guy is really just looking forward to some peace and quiet... in the city that never sleeps… [the irony, am I right?]

I have also been wanting to visit the Zappos headquarters in Vegas as well to see what a well-oiled, culture-centered machine that company is. I can tell that I am getting older when I am looking more forward to visiting a powerhouse business over the Vegas clubs, but what are you going to do. #GettingOlder

Congratulations again, Cameron & Jake!  If you see them out and about, get our your shades, their lights are shining BRIGHT!

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