October 14, 2015


It’s Parade of Homes season in North Carolina which means every builder here is about as strung out and exhausted as it gets.  We seek perfection, admiration, and ultimately, we seek the win.

At Garman Homes and Fresh Paint we turn into complete Gold Diggers.  Maybe not everyone – but for most of us, it’s go big or go home time.  Sure, Bronze and Silver are acceptable and by all means, admirable medals, but it’s the Gold we seek.  Kanye was talking about US to Jamie Foxx.

We put 5 Homes in the Parade.  We came home with 3 GOLDs.  And if Facebook is any indication, by all means these GOLDS mean we are #winning.

Which got me thinking…what is it about #winning?  What does it mean to feel like you’re #winning?  I don’t think it’s all about the GOLD.  Even though I’m the first to go all gold digger in the moment.  Trust me, I’m the first to admit I’m the gold digging-est of all the diggers.  But the thought has occurred to me that getting the GOLD while wonderful and magical and validating is just a glimpse into what its like to really be #winning. Because we are, in fact, #winning.  As were so many others in that room last night. Regardless of whether they took home an award.

#winning is waking up every day excited about going to work with people you love, respect and admire.

#winning is having every member of Durham Building Company there to share a big night with Fresh Paint and Garman Homes.

#winning is cheering loudly and genuinely for another builder you love, respect and admire.  I’m talking to you, Homes by Dickerson and Terramor.  We got nothing but local builder love for you.

#winning is seeing the culture of your company come alive every day and infused into post after post on Facebook by everyone you work with..and knowing it’s real and not just real on Facebook.

#winning is emailing all your trades to thank them for making you better.  Not just when you win Parade awards.

#winning is being cliché – doing what you love and loving what you do.

#winning is knowing it’s about so much more than any single award.

#winning is building for people who love their homes.

#winning is loving the people who buy your homes.

#winning is working with world class developers, building in neighborhoods that make us pinch ourselves because we feel so lucky. I’m talking to you Newland Communities, Bryan Properties and Preston Development.

#winning is knowing we’ve only just begun.

We won’t always get the GOLD.  We will keep #winning.

Shining far brighter than a lifetime of GOLD awards ever could.

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