Giving it Back Goes Back to School

When something is really important to us personally so much so that we consider it part of our identity we like to say it's "in our DNA."  For example:  a great customer experience is in our DNA, homes that are designed to give you more for less is in our DNA and behind the scenes you better believe running a lean mean Rock Star team is also in our DNA.  And not just because it rhymes.  

I'm extraordinarily proud that giving back to our local community has and always will be in our DNA.  A portion of the sale from each home is donated to a local cause of our choosing.   From our first home to our last, giving back is how we practice gratitude for our success and pay it forward.  It's also our long term strategy for making a positive dent in the Universe.   

Give it Back - our 4th Garman Difference and full disclosure, my personal favorite -  has gone through a bit of an evolution recently.  Under the leadership of our Division President, Rebecca McAdoo, our entire team has endeavored to amplify Give it Back to a whole new level by volunteering more while also getting up close and personal with the causes closest to our hearts.  In addition to Rebecca, our newly formed Give it Back Committee includes Michelle Huffman, Richard Keebler, Karla Hamilton and Hunter Davis.  The common element among all of them is a heart and soul that matches the width and depth of their talents. 

Recently, the Give it Back Committee connected us to North Carolina GUARDIAN AD LITEM a child's advocate in court.  An volunteer organization that serves neglected and abused children in court.  This volunteer based organization is not just advocating on behalf of children, they are also empowering the children to speak on their own behalf.  

In support of Guardian Ad Litem's efforts, the Give it Back Committee held a month long donation drive for school supplies including backpacks, pencils, paper, binders and more (including those super fancy graphing calculators that cost so much you're pretty sure they better last through college).  We're so proud to announce their efforts totaled over $5,000 in donations!  On July 13th we'll be hosting a Backpack Giveback for Guardian Ad Litem at Duke Memorial Church.  Students will be invited to come shop for their own school supplies and fill their backpacks with the tools to keep them successful all year long.  

This very special event would not be possible without the generous contributions of so many friends including Will Anderson, Brian Cahill, Robbie Oakes, Alex Weeks, Jeff Jones, Professional Builders Supply, and Wayne Dalton.   Additionally, we received giftcard donations from Staples, Target and Game Theory.  So the next time you need to make yourself feel better about the obnoxious amounts you've spent at any of those stores, think about how they helped us give back and it might take the sting out of going in for one thing and coming out with a cart full. 

Please join us in congratulating the Give it Back Committee on this milestone event - we're so proud to work with you everyday.  Here's to making a dent.

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