May 29, 2016


What’s in a name?  Well…if you’re trying to pull permits in Chatham County, apparently a lot.  For this reason and for the sake of plain-old accuracy our Build Like a Ginge house will henceforth be referred to as our Parade Home, not our Model Home.  The Ginge is taking her title stripping quite well.  The actual Model Home will be the one we build next door.  The one Kevin is building.  Models Homes are super fussy – not unlike the alleged reputations of actual models.

Monday – We Got a Permit – Now What?  

Armed with a legit permit in her hot little hands, Janice was ready to go.  We sat down with Kevin and listened while he rattled off the schedule for the next two weeks.  We stuck with him for a while – we held on through the variables of who shows when, who needs to know who shows and who needs to know who doesn’t show – but by the third round of what if scenarios I swear I saw smoke coming out of Janice’s pencil.  I called a time out and asked Kevin to give us a visual, we both had construction scheduling induced vertigo.

Here we are putting our heads together:

We look pretty intense, huh?  I bet you’re guessing we came up with something brilliant.

Guess again.  We came up with this illegible mess of a schedule but you know what?

Ginge was gonna make it happen.  And she did.  By the end of the week, her schedule got a major Ginge upgrade.

I told you, the Ginge is stylish.  Even her old-school schedule has a pop of color.

Tuesday – Selections & Sunscreen

We kicked off the day at Studio g with an overview of the Parade selections from the Queen & Raquel.  Suffice it to say, this house is going to be ridiculous in the most spectacular way.  No reveal on selections until the final reveal – it’s worth the wait.

Meanwhile, at the job site, Janice autographed her permit box and filled it with permit card and plan goodies just in time for digging footings! Janice was so excited about the activity on her job-site she apparently forgot about the unrelenting North Carolina sun and what it can do to her fair fair skin.  That is, until it burned a reminder right onto her.  Poor Ginge – it’s hard out here for a fair skinned builder.

Wednesday – Passed First & Final

Imagine our surprise when Janice texted us a picture of her permit card showing the date she passed her FINAL inspection.  Nevermind it was also her first inspection.  This thing was over before it started!  Footing, Final…tomato, tomahto…we passed!

Thursday – Pour Footings

First draft of the footings poured!  We’re gonna call this the ‘rough draft’.  See Friday for more.

Friday – Take Two!  

Enter Will to help set the foundation height.  We’re pretty specific about our foundation heights around here – we hate some rails on porches when they can be avoided.  Unfortunately, the first set of foundation piers weren’t deep enough on the porch side of the house to keep the foundation height we wanted so they were dug up and replaced with a new set.

Janice said she had a Pretty Woman moment shortly after they determined which trades needed to come back and what needed to be done.  There she is standing on her job site when she suddenly looks to her right and see’s both the landscaping crew and the footing crew simultaneously headed her back way…the Richard Gere’s to her Julia Roberts.

At the end of a long and productive week – it’s moments like that when it feels really good to be the #LGIC.

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