Four Fresh New Ways to Curate Your New Fresh Paint Home

August 10, 2019

Four Fresh New Ways to Curate Your New Fresh Paint Home

You’s the most wonderful time of the year!

No, not the holidays.  Nope, not the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, that ended last week.  It’s the time of year when we release FOUR ALL NEW FRESH PAINT PACKAGES!  

That’s right!  You heard it here first and if you keep scrolling you’ll get a sneak peek of each curated package.  So cue the doves, find a double rainbow, snap a selfie and get ready to tag it #blessed because your dream of building a home so stylish an Instagram Influencer may ask for a photo shoot is about to come true!

I visited Studio G yesterday and met with Kristen Beck, Designer for Garman Homes, where she shared the inspo behind each package and we waxed poetic about what life looks like inside a home styled with one of these impossibly stylish, incredibly attainable Fresh Paint Packages. 

Let’s take a deep dive together, shall we?  

First up:


If you’re looking for a Fresh Paint package to show off your talent for throwing a swinging cocktail party or programming a perfect playlist while simultaneously showcasing your ability to mix modern mid-centruy furniture with vintage flea market finds effortlessly, this is the one for you.  Even if you do none of that but you aspire to any or all of it, this is still the one for you.  ALL THAT GLITTERS is fun and sparkly while still being polished and modern.  

Classic white shaker style kitchen cabinets mix with gold knobs and quartz that looks like carrera marble but lacks any of its fussiness.  This kitchen is a crisp and clean backdrop for white teardrop island pendants that dazzle a little more from their gold painted insides.  Warm pebble gray cabinets in the bathrooms and classic navy accent walls keep this one classic over time.  So you can glitter, sparkle and shine for years and years to come.  

Pairs well with: furniture from West Elm, a brightly colored SMEG toaster, an Oscar party with a signature cocktail, friends that make you laugh who also knew and loved you when you lived somewhere far less stylish.  

LAKE LIFE - Tier 2

This Fresh Paint package gives us major mountain lake house look and you can almost smell the fresh air, take in an expansive water view and feel earthy elements evoke a deeper sense of peace and tranquility.  When Kristen put all the samples together I literally exhaled like I just sank into an Adirondack chair on the dock with a good book and nothing but time.  For real, it’s that good.   

Two tone ivory and saddle kitchen cabinets are topped with sequoia marble that offers the breadth and depth of classic earth tones.  The backsplash is a softer take on subway tile with a natural edge in a color that’s both murky and mysterious that has an almost watercolor finish.  The tranquil vibe is real.  But don’t sleep on that pattern tile in the master bath because this is lake life after all and fun follows everywhere.  Also, if you’re not down for the adventure of mixed metal finishes in your life or your home, you’re in luck because this one is all chrome.  I know a few of you just exhaled even deeper.  

Pairs well with:  mugs of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows, game night, and a giant sectional for lounging that’s easy and has room for everyone.  

ON THE FARM - Tier 2

When Kristen first told me the name of this package I was a little confused...I was picturing a classic red barn or a predictable farmhouse interpretation that’s literally everywhere right now but then I remembered - we’re not basic.  But then Kristen told me she was thinking of the nursery rhyme Old MacDonald when she named this one and I got A LOT confused.  Until she said, ‘and on the farm you have matte black light fixtures’ and I was like REMIX!  

On THIS farm, Old MacDonald had a major renovation and now the MacDonalds are giving us equal parts upscale style and downhome hospitality vibes.  Black & Chrome finishes, Black & White pattern tile in the Master Bath, Black cabinets with warm edges in the bathroom but sleek ivory in the kitchen.  The farm likes contrast and these wide plank light floors are the perfect shade to show it all off.  For a finishing touch to bridge the light and dark, a soft green accent wall.  This farm is too chic.  

Pairs well with: farm to table dinner parties, wildflower arrangements on the island, and framed candid photography on the walls.

MI AMOR - Tier 3

Did it just get more romantic in here or is that just the mood this Fresh Paint package is setting?  When Kristen laid out the samples for this package we looked at each other and dreamt of what date night looks like here...I may or may not have blushed.  This one is warm and sleek with a sophisticated polish to it.  Brushed nickel finishes throughout the house give it a decidedly put together feel.  Luxurious texture and patterns - like a five star hotel but it’s your house.  We’re all in love now.  

Special features like a smaller beveled white subway style backsplash and a composite sink in warm pebble tones surrounded by sequoia marble give this kitchen a higher design pedigree.  Dramatic dark wood floors, tile floors with pinstripe brush strokes and cut pattern carpet make sure the style quotient is continuous from head to toe.  Sink into this luxurious love nest and practice your best self care because big love starts with you loving you first.

Pairs well with:  a chunky knit blanket, Netflix, red wine and the do not disturb setting on your phone.  

For more information including introductory pricing, available homesites and more, reach out to our sales agents!  

In Briar Chapel:  Karla Hamilton and Hunter Davis

In Wendell Falls:  Diane Masinick, Brittain Perry, and Danica Amanchukwu

In Sunset Bluffs:  Matt Moberly and Kathy Pierce

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