Foundation Wishes: America at Home Study


This is Clint from Griffin Masonry.  Clint supervises the foundation crew and he is one of my favorites.  Judging by the look on my face, I think this shot was taken the moment I learned about the cattle ranch he lives on not far from our site.  I'm making this face for two reasons.  First, I didn't know he had a cattle ranch.  Second, it's not just a few cattle - like a hobby farm (is 'hobby farm' a real thing or is it a made up term for a Tik Tok category?)  Clint has 300+ cattle and just as many acres to support his livestock.  I've known Clint for years but I never knew this about him.  

Until this build.  

This build is different for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is when you're building a home based on nearly 7,000 consumer responses from the America at Home Study about life from home during and after the quarantine, you tend to have deeper conversations on site.  

When you build a home envisioning post-pandemic life it feels necessary to me to check in on what life was like during the pandemic.  For our trades, this has meant a purposeful intent on my part at unlocking a deeper level of connection.  

Prior to starting construction on this home I'd been home with my kids for an entire year.  I've worked outside of the home for their whole lives.  I never expected a bonus year as a mostly stay at home mom of teenagers schooling from home.  It's been somewhat magical, actually.  Even when it was filled with anxiety, exhaustion, uncertainty and that never ending groundhog's day effect.  It was and is still, pretty magical.  

I asked Clint about his family and what this past year has been like for them.  

Clint's only son is the same age as my oldest.  We connected over what they're both into, pulling up pictures on our phones.  He showed me a picture of his son with his first Turkey he shot.  I showed him a picture of Amelia playing lacrosse.  We talked about where they're going next and how this past year has put things in perspective for both of them.  We're both aware of how we're witnessing them on the brink of transitioning out of childhood and into the next phase.  Which, admittedly, gives me a whole new category of post-pandemic feelings.  

Clint mentioned his wife wants to remodel their home - a new bathroom, an updated kitchen - all the things that align with consumer responses from the America at Home Study.  Still, it's validating to have it verified by yet another consumer. 

I asked Clint how long he's been a mason.  He told me his dad and Uncle were masons and he used to fake sick as a child so he could go to the job site instead of school.  His mom worked outside the home and he was 8 at the time, too young to stay home alone.   Imagine being 8 and knowing what you loved to do and figuring out a way you could get to do it?  

As I'm pondering this post-pandemic life, I'm making many wishes.  I might make a wish for each stage of construction.  And top of the list for the foundation - which is now complete and just lovely - is a wish inspired by Clint.  A wish for more people to know what they want to do, who they want to be, and the confidence to go for it full speed.  

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