Cant Stop Wont Stop — Weeks Running Together

See Janice work?  Janice likes to work.  Janice is checking her permit box.

This is Janice’s day off.

Janice is good at work.  Janice is bad at taking days off.


This girl.  She don’t stop.  I went out to Briar Chapel last Wednesday – I wanted to walk the Parade House since I was going to be out of town for the rest of the week.

There was Janice reporting for Construction duty.  You see, 5 days a week Janice works two jobs at once:  Sales & Construction.  And the other 2 days a week she comes to the neighborhood to work Construction.  You don’t need to be a math whiz to figure out that’s 7 days a week.  The Ginge is a one woman show that airs every day of the week.

And she’s kicking major construction a$$.

Not only is she rolling with a few changes we made along the way but she handled them like a pro and got that shiz switched out pronto.

AND, she even brought our attention to a change WE (we = the office people who pick stuff out) needed to make.  Turns out we had itty bitty tubs going in some of our houses.  Objects in a house may appear smaller than they did in our heads.  Take two on that tub. We couldn’t save all the small tubs but we’re making a change for the better moving forward.  And raising prices because, #MERICA.  Changes for the better ain’t always free.  Rarely.  Actually, it’s more like never free as far as houses go.

The Ginge is getting the full builder experience complete with trades not showing up when they said they would.  Painters went MIA on her last week causing a total trade pile up on the rest of the crews waiting on the painters to finish so they could complete their jobs.  I’m not trying to throw so much shade at the painters – it happens to every trade and when it does, nobody is happy.  Janice said she was teary that day – she felt like everyone was mad at her.  Unlike baseball there is crying in building.  So much crying.

This week there were less tears of frustration and more tears of joy.  At this stage of construction – trim & cabinet install- when all the pretty stuff starts to arrive, it feels a little like Christmas morning on repeat or Hanukkah for houses.  Notice there are no pics here to prove just how pretty the stuff actually is.  That’s because we’re big reveal kinda peeps and you’re going to have to see this one to believe it.  Spectacular doesn’t come close.  Janice and I agree, the Pretty Committee has outdone themselves.

I called Janice today to squeal about how pretty the house looks and while we were on the phone I heard her run into some people walking through her house.  I asked if she needed to go and she said she’d call me right back.  When she did she said it was a competitor walking through the house…they remarked on some of the pretty stuff and I immediately went into protective overdrive…I may have even threatened Godfather style that if I see any duplication of the pretty in any other model, I will LOSE MY MIND.  Based on my violent and immediate reaction I realize the case can easily be made that my mind is already lost.  Be that as it may…I’m not going to reveal the pretty – no peeking and no reveals until the big one.  And when you finally get to see the pretty surprises in our Parade Home in person, I am confident you will swoon with delight.

And when you see a tribute version in a competitor’s home, I am hopeful that you will say…did you get that idea from Garman?

A girl can dream. Even one who has lost her mind.  #protectoroftheprettycommittee


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