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Best of 2020: #6 and #5

January 12, 2021

Best of 2020: #6 and #5

We might as well call 2020 the year of NEW. So many new spaces, new faces, and new records broken! You’ll see what we mean....

#6 - New Spaces

Just like with a growing nuclear family...our family has grown too. Which means we quickly outgrew our office space. So in October we moved SO FAR away. Just kidding, we moved down the hall from our old office. But the space has so much more room for activities. 

Our new office reflects our personalities and character as a brand and for our individual team members. There’s social work spaces, since we can’t get enough of each other (including the Wolfpack Corner created by Julie, Emily, and Cameron). If you’ve spent any amount of time with our team you know that we play hard and work harder.

There’s the wall of crazies: the people who have been so influential in the world in our lives, but were once called crazy for their ideas. We inspire to be like them everyday. Call us crazy.
And of course, we couldn’t forget our mantra which is posted loud and proud as soon as you walk in the door.  

#5 - New Faces

Our team gained three new Rock Stars in 2020! 

Julie, Design Studio Manager, who has hit the ground running! She has just finished revamping Studio G - and y'all, it looks amazing. So bright and open, crisp and clean. We can’t wait to show it off!

Emily, Virtual Sales Ambassador, aka Queen of the Internet. She works along our sales team to make sure all of our clients are taken care of, and uses her creativity to brag about us on social media to our friends and families. Say hey to her on our website chat!

Brent, Construction Manager, has been an amazing addition to our construction team at Wendell Falls! He comes with knowledge and experience and a fun-loving attitude. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have him build your house. 

If you’re trying to put names with faces, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can see all of our bright and shining faces on our website! Check us out:

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Where do I even begin? I fell head over heels in love with Garman homes over a year and a half ago, and I told my husband we would one day own/build a Garman home. I was sure of it. So when they revealed they would be building in Knightdale Station (where our family wanted to be), you can only imagine our excitement. Their whole vision for their homes is on point. The quality of their homes is unmatched. And I love how transparent and authentic they are as a company. Every single person who works for Garman/Fresh Paint is so easy to work with and super personable. Their team genuinely cares about you and your home. They are cultivating true community right from the start. Danica specifically has been absolutely incredible. She makes the whole process lots of fun and totally seamless. Our home closes in June, and it still feels surreal that we get to own and live in our dream home. Someone pinch me. We are so pumped to raise our growing family here, and to top it off, we have friends building only a few houses down. I'm convinced Garman is the way to go if you are looking for a home that is going to be more than just a house -- but a place to rest, connect, and gather with family and friends. As I always say, I'm a Garman girl through and through!

Elizabeth Sirven


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