Best of 2020: #2 and #1

It's February 1st and yes we're still counting down our favorite moments from 2020.  Why?  Because 2020 is the kind of year that's going to stick with us for awhile, amiright?  In fact, these last two moments may stick with us for a lifetime.  

#2 - The Concept Home based on the America At Home Study

In April of last year, a friend and member of our Advisory Board, Teri Slavik-Tsyuki reached out to us about a study she was conducting amidst the nationwide stay at home order.  She and two colleagues, Belinda Sward and Nancy Keenan, President of Dahlin Architecture surveyed 3001 households across America about how the quarantine was changing what home meant and how people were using space differently.  She reached out, specifically to see if Garman Homes would agree to build the Concept Home based on the study findings.  

Our answer was a big resounding YES!  

Since then the study has been featured in USA Today, FORBES and many other industry publications. The Concept Home will be built as part of our Quotables Collection in Chatham Park and we expect the home to be finished and ready to view by Summer 2021.  The America at Home Study has since expanded to over 5,000 households.  The Concept Home - which has been named, No Little Plans - Barnaby (based on a quote we love and Teri's beloved dog who passed during the stay at home orders) will reflect the findings of the study and also break ground on a new digital experience for home shoppers.  Stay tuned for more news about this special home - we expect to break ground shortly!

#1 - Hero Home #22, Legna's Home.  


Our top moment of 2020 doesn't just make the highlight reel for the year.  This moment actually makes the highlight reel of life.  On Veterans Day - November 11th, 2020, Garman Homes gave away a brand new home in honor of a fallen hero, SFC Elis A. Barreto.  Hero Home #22, built in Wendell Falls in partnership with Newland Communities and our entire trade partner team, was part of Operation Coming Home.  An organization that gives homes to returning soldiers or in this case, the family of fallen soldiers.  

During a year when nothing was certain and there was much to fear, we found calm and solace in relishing the opportunity we had to be exactly the builder we endeavor to be - one that gives back meaningfully.  Legna lost her husband, Elis, father of her 2 boys mere months before we met her in February to announce she would receive a brand new home in his honor. 

Legna taught us that sometimes the strongest resilience is born out of heartbreaking tragedy.  She taught us that the joy and love we feel for those we lost will endure, even amidst our grief.  She showed us what it looks like to love your kids enough for two parents.  And in doing so she also showed us that her husband wasn't the only hero in the family. 

We will never be able to thank all the soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  But we are grateful that we could say thank you in a special way to our personal hero, SFC Elis A. Barreto. 

Rest in Peace.  It was our honor and privilege to build a home for your family.

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